Sunday, 6 November 2011

X factor what a Joke!!

Just have to say I think the X Factor has just lost one viewer, If this is not fixed then I don't know what is!!  I cannot believe that the British public is so tone deaf that they cannot get rid of someone who can't even hit a note, just because he looks OK , And what is with The Risk being out!!  I just don't get it!!

Shame on you Great Britain.


Vicky said...

hear hear Nikki....what a joke hun..:o(

big hugs Vicky xx

Maria said...

I agree Nikki, in fact he doesn't even look ok these days! I couldn't believe Kitty was in the bottom again. Poor Tulisa looked stunned, and Louis was in tears. Maria x

hazel said...

I agree with you Nikki, although I shall probably carry on watching it.
xxx Hazel.